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The Benefits of Sipala Landscape

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Serving Long Island since 1953….. We have the experienced crew for your project.

Sipala is well known in the business for thoroughness and adherence to industry standards.

Our irrigation division, Island Irrigation, has your installation and irrigation maintenance needs covered.

Performing exceptional commercial construction services on both union and non-union projects.

From landscape construction to landscape maintenance and irrigation, Sipala is the landscaping contractor to call.

Some facts about us

A full-service Landscape Management Firm

Performing exceptional commercial construction services for a variety of clients in the commercial, residential complex, and state property industries, on both union and non-union projects.

Our skilled crews are well trained in all aspects of landscape construction, developing and utilizing the most effective tools and resources to complete your project on time and within your landscape budget.

From Landscape Construction to Landscape Maintenance and Irrigation, Sipala is the landscaping contractor to call. With our comprehensive list of services, we can handle any area your needs require. Be it new construction, long term maintenance, or managing your building or communities snow and ice control, you’re in good hands with Long Island’s premier landscaping team of professionals. Contact Sipala Landscape Services……….we have you covered.

Services of Sipala


Irrigation Truck
IMG_1658 (3)
IMG 1711-(2)
IMG 2512-(6)-Snow
IMG 2986-(2)-Construction
IMG 4065-(16)-Irrigation
IMG 1757 (3)
IMG 2482 (26) Construction & Masonry
Masonry (3) 8-17
Masonry (2) 8-17
IMG 2504 (35) Masonry
IMG 2508 (32) Maintenance - Masonry
IMG 0393 (3)
IMG 1654 (4)
Green Roof
Pup-grass (1)
Masonry (1) 8-17
R&R (17) 8-17
R&R (2) 8-17
Solar Field (10)
Solar Field (36)
Wykoff Tree Pit (2)
Wykoff Tree (3)
IMG_4067 (13) Construction
IMG_6104 (1) Maitenance
Calverton Water Truck Maint
Solar Field (8)
IMG_2482 (26) Construction & Masonary
Solar Field (7)
IMG_3443 (10) Home Office Sign
IMG_2986 (5) Construction
IMG_2512 (6) Snow
IMG_2812 (4) Hydroseed
IMG_3304 (9) Construction
Guys (2) 5-11-15
IMG_2504 (35) Masonary
Guys (4) 5-11-15
IMG_5549 (23) Cemetery
LINC Web Pic (1) 9-5-14
IMG_4062 (12) Irrigation